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About Me

Hi,My name is Yousri Yan.
Job as Site Reliability Engineer and DBA.
Come from a small village of Xiamen, and prefer like staying in countryside for the field life to city life.
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About life photo on Instagram and personal opinion on my Blog.


  • 4399 (2010.06 ~ 2012.02)
    • Operations Engineer
  • UPYUN & Huaban (2012.02 ~ 2014.03)
    • SysAdmin / SRE and DBA
  • Meitu (2014.05 ~ 2018.05)
    • SRE Architect and DBA / SysAdmin
  • luckin coffee (2018.09 ~ 2019.02)
    • SRE Architect


I am interested in technology trends.
Concerned about Life,Social,Internet,Tech,Linux,MySQL,NoSQL, Enjoy Photography, Cycling.
Pursuing Simple,Plain life and the most simple dreams.